Welcome to Foy Consulting & Engineering

Foy Consulting & Engineering has a unique ability to combine a service oriented business model with advanced technology to provide a high quality product. Our expertise and attention to detail ensures projects will deliver as expected. With years of experience, we have overcome many challenges and are certain we can solve your construction problems.

Cultural Elements

Many of our projects are Native American owned, and we have the ability to incorporate significant cultural elements into the structure in a way that is visually appealing.

Curved Entries

We display the focal point of a building to an architect's vision. Our solutions will address all of the visual requirements while providing a stable and secure support.

Visual Structural Elements

We can incorporating structural materials into the interior and exterior building finish. Full coordination of these structural elements is always completed.

Full-Scale Coordination

When the purchased mechanical unit is unknown in early design, we have the ability to coordinate exact mechanical unit placement including all supports and penetrations.

Close Quarters

Often the structure will have a tight-fit with other building elements. We can locate the structure in the exact location to avoid conflicts and eliminate costly project delay.

Miscellaneous Items

We provide a fabrication level-of-detail for all of the structural components, including all plates, angles and bars to avoid unknown conflicts with other trades.

Large Crane Lift

When required we can develop field fabrication on the ground eliminating dozens of crane picks and improving the safety and efficiency of the building installation.

Clear Isometric Views

Displaying drawing information in the traditional orthographic may lead to confusion and misinterpretation. We clarifiy all complex areas with clearly defined isometric views.

Renovation & Expansion

We provide solutions for all types of renovation and expansion projects. We evaluate cost saving measures to avoid and expensive design and inform our clients of all options.